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Technologies at a glance


Hematology tests are performed on the blood producing organs, blood and blood proteins etc. This examines various conditions of blood which includes blood infections,
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Clinical Biochemistry is the unit of laboratory medicine which basically finds out presence of chemicals in urine, blood and other fluids of body. These chemicals can be of both types
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Basically Endocrinological tests are done to test the hormones levels in the person’s body. It is useful to check the reason of any problem related to endocrinology and it can also
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Histopathology is used to study and diagnose the diseases of the tissues and also it examines cells/tissues by using a microscope. Usually it is carried out under the observation of expert pathologists
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Cytology is basically an analysis of single cell type which generally found in fluid specimens. These tests are generally carried out to diagnose or check for cancer, for screening of
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Molecular Biology

In Molecular Biology, lab tests are performed to detect/identify some type of proteins, genes or other molecules in blood/tissue sample or in other body fluids. These tests are
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Diagnostic analysis of blood which employs antibodies (immunoglobulins) & antigens (foreign proteins) to detect abnormalities in the immune system are performed in Immunology.
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These types of clinical tests are performed under microbiology which generally used to identify & keep an eye on every aspect of infection in body like fungal, bacterial, parasitic
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